Marijuana for Everybody

MarijuanaForEverybody 269x360Marijuana for Everybody! is the most authoritiative, accessible, and (yes!) entertaining guide yet from High Times magazine, the world's most trusted name when it comes to getting stoned. Combining forty years of in-depth knowledge and experience with new research, insights, and advice, this informative illustrated handbook is specifically designed to guide new initiates and seasoned heads alike through the myriad ways marijuana brings joy and much more to millions, including

  • Choosing the strain that's right for you
  • How cannabinoids interact with your system
  • The facts about hash, extracts, and concentrates
  • Hands-on tips and tricks for grinding, rolling, storing and more
  • Expert ways to manage your high
  • Cooking with cannabis
  • New research: what we know and promising leads
  • Evaluating dispensaries and edibles
  • Legalization and the road ahead
  • FAQs to readers' "burning" questions

...Plus an "I'm High, Now What?" selection of activities and amusements for the freshly baked. It's high time that we learn from the real experts and aficianados about the best ways to get high, feel good and have fun with this amazing all-natural plant.

 Press Raves:

"Media of all stripes are rushing to cash in on mainstream pot curiosity, but few publications could hope to produce something as smart and easy to digest as “Marijuana for Everbody!” Despite an understandably fawning tone toward the plant, McDonough’s research is balanced and her writing practical, an admirable mix of head and heart in a sprawling field that can seem intimidating to newcomers."—the Cannabist