Event Planning

Through my private consulting company, I help cannabis industry leaders large and small plan high-impact events including brand and product launches, infused dining experiences and consumer testing sessions.

From 2002 - 2017, my position on staff at High Times afforded me a front row seat to a truly historic transformation of marijuana culture and industry, as this most wondrous herb has rapidly moved from the shadows of the black market into a bright green future of legality and social acceptance.

Along the way, I've held leadership roles and developed skills in a wide variety of positions, including as event planner for more than 20 Cannabis Cup events, authoring a bestselling cannabis cookbook, and creating dynamic video and digital content across multiple platforms—all while helping the world’s most recognizable marijuana brand adapt to this exciting new era.

Able to nimbly pivot to meet a variety of challenges, I’ve served as a graphic designer and print production specialist, and been responsible for the site operations, marketing and promotion of the world’s foremost cannabis connoisseur events—helping grow attendance in a variety of markets from 3,000 to over 50,000 from 2010 to 2015.

I've also led seminars on edible cannabis preparation and safety, as well as moderated a well-attended series of educational panel discussions with leaders in the edibles industry.

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Event Press:

“There is just tremendous interest. Last year, you could barely get a flight, and all the hotels were booked. This year will be even busier,” said McDonough, noting that Denver hotels are slowly warming to the idea of pot tourists. “In a couple years, they will be more likely to accept us. I think the potential for cannabis tourism is just going to grow... People are telling me this is a trip they have dreamed about for a lifetime.”—the Cannabist