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Satori Confections

While Brand Manager of Satori Confections, I completed a packaging redesign, launched six new products, developed a Style Guide and coordinated robust content marketing campaigns.

In September of 2019, I joined CannaCraft as a Brand Manager for Satori Confections. The role put me in charge of all aspects of brand business including yearly marketing plans, advertising and content strategies, monthly demand planning, revenue forecasting and quarterly budget reviews, controlling COGS and margins, sales data analysis and overall CEO duties for managed brands.

Highlights included:

  • Packaging redesign
  • Developed Style Guide
  • Launched six new SKUs including Peppermints, S’Mores Bites, CBD 1:1 Blueberries, and California’s first-ever fast-acting chocolate bars
  • Robust content marketing and influencer programs
  • Holiday giveback promo with $5k donation to Conscious Alliance, resulting in 10,000 meals served to families in need

Packaging Redesign

Six tins of Satori Confections stacked on top of each other.
Satori Bites were transitioned into tins for a more upscale presentation.

New Product Launch: Peppermints

  • Satori microdosed Peppermints
  • 2mg THC per mint / 100mg per tin Sublingual absorption = Quick Onset Fresh mint flavor
  • Portable and discreet
  • Competitively priced: $7 WS / $14 MSRP

The launch of the Satori Peppermints was accompanied by a full omnichannel campaign.

Full Campaign included:

  • 3 Video Commercials
  • Boomerangs
  • Still Photos

Assets for Satori Mints campaign include short video commercials, Boomerangs and still photos illustrating use of the Mints in three distinct scenarios:

Enjoy-mint: Professional woman in SF rushing to her commute, taking an opportunity to enjoy a Satori Mint while waiting for the bus to arrive

Improve-mint: Female couple working on a home improvement project, taking a break to enjoy a Satori Mint

Accomplish-mint: Hiker reaching a beautiful vista, celebrating with a Satori Mint

Watch the videos HERE

New Product Launch: Fast-Acting Chocolate

  • California’s first fast-acting cannabis chocolate
  • Educational Blog Post on VESIsorb® nano emulsifier
  • Sustainably sourced Latin American cacao
  • Single serving size of 10mg THC
  • Milk and Dark Chocolate
  • Supported by “Satori Cannabis Chocolate Recipes” digital and print initiative. Digital e-book download incentivized sign-ups for the Satori email newsletter.
Cannabis leaves and chocolate bars laid out on a table.
Satori Confections’ fast-acting chocolate bars utilized VESIsorb® to bring on effects faster than traditional edibles.
Cannabis confections on a table.
Satori Confections S’Mores Bites were a delicious confection, composed of cannabis-infused chocolate and graham cracker crumbs coating a mini marshmallow.
For the holiday season, I created a book of recipes educating customers on how to use the chocolate as an ingredient to infuse homemade desserts.




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