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Purple Frost

2018 cannabis branding project for Purple Frost Genetics, including packaging and website design.

Brand strategy and project management for award-winning cannabis company Purple Frost Genetics. Working with designer Ted Holladay and photography Justin McIvor, we created a website and packaging for cannabis flowers, prerolls and vape carts in 2018.

Copywriting for the website includes all cannabis cultivar descriptions. Managed package design projects and did a deep dive into compliant packaging and labeling standards for the legal cannabis industry. Advised on design direction and marketing strategy.

Purple Frost Vape Carts
Packaging for Purple Frost Vape Carts.


Purple Frost pre-roll packages
Packages for Purple Frost pre-rolls, color-coded for Sativa, Indica and Hybrid.


Cannabis jars and buds
Packaging for Purple Frost cannabis flowers eighth jars.


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