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Leafly Product Specialist

Product Specialist for Leafly in 2018 – 2019, reviewing cannabis dinners, edibles, drinks, flower, vapes and more.

During 2018 and 2019, I created over 45 pieces of product-focused content for Leafly, seeking to educate new cannabis consumers on various delivery methods including edibles, flowers, vaporizers, topicals and sublinguals. Work includes writing, research, styling and photography. Involves trendspotting, industry analysis and a deep understanding of the marketplace.

Leafly Author Page

Favorite Articles:

Beer Brewers on New Cannabis Beers: ‘They Should Just Stop’


Cannabis buds next to a cherry pie.
“Check Out These Mouthwatering Dessert Strains Sweetening California Menus” published on Leafly, 9/18/18


A variety of cannabis beverages on ice.
“Cannabis Drinks for Staying California Cool” published on Leafly, 7/25/18


Cannabis buds, a grinder, and jars of flower on a picnic table.
“Where to Find the Best Humboldt County Cannabis Strains & Products,” published on Leafly, 12/07/18


Cannabis kief on a digital scale with coconut oil on a marble countertop.
“Top Tips for Using Hash as a Culinary Ingredient,” published on Leafly, 9/10/18.

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