When The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook was published on 4/20/12, I embarked on a publicity tour that included print, web and radio interviews, guest blogging and personal appearances. Along the way, I enjoyed some surreal experiences, like joking with Pulitzer Prize-winning Los Angeles Times restaurant critic Jonathan Gold at a nine-course cannabis-infused "secret dinner" prepared by high-end chefs, sampling award winning sativas with notorious Fresh Off the Boat author, VICE web host and restauranteur Eddie Huang, and baking Maple Bacon Ganja Chocolate Chip cookies for actor Nick Offerman, better known as Ron Swanson on Parks & Recreation.

Press Raves for The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook:

Jamaican me Crazy 4798"The High Times cookbook is in a category of its own—intelligent, savvy, and knowledgeable about food, with excellent general information about cannabis and cooking with it."—Jeffrey Steingarten, Vogue

"But overall, this is the first pot cookbook we've seen that reads like a modern cookbook, meaning one that relies on fresh ingredients and seems to care more, actually, about flavor than getting you high." —L.A. Weekly

“Cannabis cocktails are relatively recent phenomena,' said Elise McDonough, author of The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook. Her book, released on April 20, includes recipes for drinks like the Jamaican Me Crazy (a piña colada with cannabis) and a Bonghitters’ Mota Mojito, made with cannabis-infused rum, mint and lime."—The New York Times, "Marijuana Meets Moonshine"

“As we see marijuana move more into the mainstream, more chefs are experimenting with it, as both a flavoring and intoxicant,” said the cookbook’s editor, Elise McDonough. “It’s an exciting field, and we wanted to make something that amateurs cooks could use, but also something that could elevate the cuisine, by getting it out there.”—Bon Appetit

Recipe-wise, it's a very comprehensive book, and probably one of the best to come out in a long time. Not only are there recipes in every skill range, from burned cereal beginner to Julie Childs-level experts, but there's a lot of culinary diversity packed into more than fifty recipes over 160 pages. —Denver Westword

Written by a ten-year veteran of the iconic magazine, Elise McDonough, the cookbook is humorous yet educational and compassionate yet still strongly counter-culture, as befitting the magazine's 40-year legacy. For those people who require medibles in their own lives or make them as part of underground compassionate care groups...the book is a highly useful tool." —Houston Press

“When I sell books personally at events like Seattle Hempfest and Denver County Fair, response has been huge in those states that have newly legalized, and I will sell hundreds of copies over a weekend,” says Elise McDonough, author of the “The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook,” which grew out of the recipe column in the magazine (which, by the way, turns 40 this year).—Associated Press

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The time I baked Maple Bacon Ganja Chocolate Chip Cookies for Nick Offerman, better known as Ron Swanson from Parks & Recreation

"In typical High Times fashion, the book is a culinary journey and a trip through the annals of American counter-cultural history, with tales and recipes from folks who pushed marijuana culture and cooking forward in our great nation."—Village Voice

Publisher's Weekly review

"This cookbook might have some familiar favorites, but it also offers interesting riffs on more advanced cannabis cuisine like farmers' market risotto and potato gnocchi with wild mushroom ragu."—Huffington Post

"Elise McDonough, a writer at High Times magazine, has given us recipes such as Tom Yum Ganja, Time-Warp Tamales, and even cocktails that will alter your mind. Celebrities like Snoop Dogg and Cheech and Chong also add their favorite cannabis filled meals in this illustrated cookbook that will surely satisfy all your “needs."

"It's a beautiful cookbook and a good resource for medical marijuana patients who use it to help ease the pain of cancer, AIDS, Crohn's disease and even PTSD."—

"The mainstream-looking gourmet cookbook is elegantly designed, containing fifty recipes that will entice amateurs, challenge top chefs, and raise the bar for the once-dark art of ganja gastronomy."—East Bay Express

"The deliciously definitive guide to cannabis-infused cooking features easy recipes and advice which demystify the experience of cooking with marijuana."—Toke of the Town

Interview with EatDrinkBetter, a popular healthy living blog.

Quoted in VICE article about Colorado's best marijuana edibles

Featured in "17 Marijuana Snacks for the Stoner Bowl" on Buzzfeed

"The effects from eating cannabis are much more intense and prolonged than from smoking it," says Elise McDonough, author of The Official High Times Cannabis Cookbook. "After eating cannabis food, the effects may not be felt until several hours afterward, so it's important to go slow and not eat too much."

"Eso es porque tu hígado procesa el THC [compuesto químico psicoactivo de la marihuana] convirtiéndolo en otro mucho más potente llamado 11-hydroxy-THC", explica a El Comidista Elise McDonough. —International coverage from Spanish newspaper El Pais

"McDonough says now is an exciting time for edibles, thanks to the advent of lab testing. 'Back in the day, there used to be no way of knowing what somebody’s parking lot goo ball contained in terms of milligrams of THC, so you just kind of took the chance,' she says. 'Now what you see with the lab testing is you can get medical marijuana edibles that will tell you this has 25 mg of THC in it, or this has 500 mg of THC.' "—Detroit Metro Times