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Gem + Jane Brand Launch

In June 2021, I launched a new beverage brand—Gem + Jane—for CannaCraft, California’s largest cannabis manufacturer. I was responsible for executing marketing campaigns, content creation, new product development, and packaging design for Gem + Jane under the direction of CMO Angela Pih.

Riding a wave of exuberance as cannabis beverages trended upwards, CannaCraft introduced Gem + Jane, the only female-focused sparkling botanical beverage that blends simple ingredients with microdoses of rare cannabinoids including THCV, Delta-8 THC and CBD. Designed as a challenger to CANN, Gem + Jane is more flavorful, offers more volume and more value compared to competitors, with fewer calories.

In 2022, the Gem + Jane brand was acquired by Vintage Wine Estates.

Opportunity for Beverages

  • Beverage market rose 40%, from $67.8 million in 2019 to $95.2 million in 2020
  • 10% increase in the rate of purchase from 2019 to 2020, indicating that more people are willing to try a cannabis-infused beverage
  • Women over-index for beverages across every generation from Millennials to Silent Generation
  • Microdosed beverages have risen from a 14.4% category share in 2018 to more than 18% of sales in 2021

Female-Focused Beverage

Gem + Jane is for women, by women. Our sparkling botanical beverage is infused with rare cannabinoids, designed to delight our customers by revealing a new facet of cannabis. We invite women to “sip their sparkle,” with formulations including THCV intended to compliment high-energy activities like dancing, hiking or cardio, and a blend of Delta-8 THC and CBD for more mellow moments like relaxing with friends.

Four sophisticated flavors include Yuzu Rose Raspberry, Lemon Lavender Blueberry, Elderflower Pear, Strawberry Hibiscus and an unflavored, pure Simple Seltzer for mixing up exciting mocktails. Emphasizing the natural tastes and aromas of citrus, berries, herbs and flowers, Gem + Jane blends complex layers of flavors to please a discerning palate. Using quality ingredients results in a refreshing, sparkling beverage that’s low in calories, sweetened with agave and made with real juice.

Gem + Jane Photographer Leslie Grow, Prop Stylist Amy Taylor



Key Consumer Benefits

With formulations rich in rare cannabinoids THCV and Delta-8 THC, Gem+Jane presents novel effects in a controllable dose. Intended as a sessionable beverage, the maximum dose of 5mg THC is appealing to cannabis-curious consumers who want to stay in control.

  • Low in calories
  • Quality ingredients
  • Sweetened with agave
  • Complex, layered botanical flavors
  • Rare cannabinoids including THCV and Delta-8 THC
  • Better value, 37% more volume compared to CANN
Gem + Jane Lemon Lavender Blueberry
Gem + Jane Strawberry Hibiscus
Gem + Jane Pear Elderflower
Gem + Jane Seltzer







Earned Media

Brand Launch Scope

Complete brand launch included:

  • Need-finding via consumer research
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand Packaging Development
  • Style Guide
  • Website Development
  • Print Collateral Suite
  • Budtender Training via Zoltrain
  • Swag Design: female-friendly activewear
  • Retail Display options including can glorifiers and coolers
  • Social Content Playbook
  • Presentation Box
  • Influencer Campaign
  • Tasting Events including White Rabbit High Tea
  • Airfield Supply Co. “The Hangar” Takeover in July 2021

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